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提名2023- 2024年度级长

边境上大学 has named its head prefects for the 2023-24 school year: 玛德琳·李普曼和毛里西奥·洛佩斯·桑切斯.
斯坦斯特德的第一位墨西哥州长, Mauricio is in his fifth year at 边境上大学 and is an active and personable member of our 边境上大学 community. 在他任职期间, 毛已经获得了几个奖项, including the Sportsmanship Award for basketball in Grades 8 and 10, 九年级获虫蜂之家总监奖, a Junior S for soccer and basketball and a Senior S for soccer. In Grade 9, he won the Wilder Shield, the junior school’s top prize.

玛德琳是一名来自佛蒙特州纽波特的走读学生., who has attended Stanstead for four years along with her brothers Jack (2021) and Josh (2026). 她也是一个积极向上的学生运动员. 事实上, she won the Sportsmanship Award for girls lacrosse in Grade 10, and was a Major S winner for both girls lacrosse and senior girls soccer in Grade 11. 在11年级, she also won the Webster House Director’s Award and earned a Black Sweater for being the Major S winner with the highest term average. 她在九年级的平均成绩也是最高的.


“毛里西奥无私的天性, 无与伦比的参与, 他的积极态度使他成为一个很好的榜样. 麦迪是一个全面发展的学生,非常正直, a calm and selfless leader who sets an outstanding example,校长乔安妮·卡拉瑟斯说. “I have no doubt that Maddie and Mau will lead by example and expect that their dedication to 边境上大学 will continue to inspire others.”